Our products are made of 100% natural and harmless ingredients to the environment. Learn more.

No. When the cassava products decomposes or dissolves, there is no toxic or microplastic residue.

The biodegradation time of a product depends on a variety of factors. Still, our research has shown us that it will not take more than 180 days to decompose by using the Takakura composting method.

The biodegradation time in Hot water is 3 minutes.

The biodegradation time in regular temperature few days.

Our products are made from plants, not plastic, which means they have a shelf life of about nine months in normal storage conditions. 

  • Keep them in a cool place at a room temperature of 22-30 degrees Celcius.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight.

As our products are completely natural they will degrade no matter what environement they are disposed in. This includes landfil , ocean, water-ways or exposed to sunlight.


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