Remove plastic
from your business today!

We offer bags of all shapes and sizes to cater to all business needs.

No microplastics

No residue

No waste

We are proud to offer a 100% biodegradable bags and film that provides the same strength as traditional bags,.

They contain no toxic by-products, and does not require any specific disposal method. 


No BUT's

Degradable & compostable are misleading most consumers unaware of the disposal practices needed in order to achieve the eco benefits.


Our Mission

Manufacture 100% biodegradable products made with 100% natural and harmless materials, promoting the responsible consumption of single-use products, aligned with green and sustainable economies.


Our Vision

Be the leaders that promotes transformation from harmful plastic to new eco-friendly ways, continually expanding our product range and our presence to promote a sustainable economy.


Replace the plastic bags of today with our biodegradable solution for a cleaner tomorrow.


Educate and connect the world to be mindful of a environmentally-friendly solution.

Ethically Sourced

You can sleep easy knowing we only use ethically sourced natural raw materials.

Contact us today and see how our
biodegradable products can support
your packaging needs and
meet your sustainability goals.

How biodegradable are Cassava Bags?

We understand that 90% of plastic waste currently is disposed of in landfill, and a percentage ends up in the ocean.

With all this in mind we created a product that leave our ecosystems the way the found them. Healthy and teeming with life.

Zero Plastic Initiative

Take The Initiative

Join us and its growing community of ethically responsible citizens. From consumers, business owners and corporate partners, Australia is coming together to eradicate the single-use plastic problem.

Be part of the Zero Plastic Initiative where we commit towards:

  • Ending single use plastic
  • Protecting natural wildlife
  • Replenishing and maintaining Australlia's beautiful landscapes
  • The actions of individuals becomes a force of many!

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