Cassava Bags Australia creates ‘truly biodegradable’ film for bags & liners

Cassava Bags Australia creates ‘truly biodegradable’ film for bags & liners

Cassava Bags Australia has launched what it describes as “the world’s first truly biodegradable single-use bag and liner range”.

The non-toxic products are said to be 100% plastic-free, won’t break down into microplastics and in theory should not leave behind any plastic footprint.

Cassava is a hardy drought tolerant root vegetable native to South America which is now grown in many countries across the world.

Bruce Delarossi, co-founder and chief executive of Cassava Bags Australia, said: “We are incredibly proud and very excited to be rolling out this extraordinary invention to the rest of the world – a single-use bags and liners that are made from the cassava plant and dissolves in hot water.

“Cassava is a nutty flavoured starchy root vegetable that is extremely versatile.  The most common consumed part is the root. It can be eaten whole or grated and ground into flour to make bread. It is the raw material that is also used to make tapioca,” Delarossi said.

“What we have done is extract and combine it with organic components to create a biodegradable film. This is the first time anyone in the world has done this and we have achieved this without the use of any petroleum or toxins.”

Delarossi’s colleagues behind the newly launched brand are Chun Lau and Telusa Mapapalangi.

“We already have a range of products in production. These include bin liners, pet waste bags, mail-out bags, aprons, sanitation covers and a range of carry retail bags.

He added that the products have been tested by internationally-recognised companies as a plastic-free and biodegradable product.

Delarossi is expecting Cassava Bags to become a household brand across Australia and the rest of the world.


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